Técnicas Reunidas begins engineering for an e-methanol production plant with green hydrogen in Almería

11 May 2023

The facility, promoted by CETAER, will produce 37,000 tons of e-methanol per year and will come into service in 2026.

The first phase of the services entrusted to Técnicas Reunidas includes the study of the configuration of the plant, the preparation of the documentation to obtain the permits and the feasibility study.

CETAER, a company whose main objective is to bring innovation projects in the transport sector to a commercial scale, has signed an agreement with Técnicas Reunidas to develop an e-methanol production plant in Almería (Spain). The facility will produce 37,000 tons of e-methanol per year from the combination of 7,200 tons of renewable hydrogen with 54,000 tons of CO2 captured in industrial processes. It is estimated that it will enter service in the year 2026. The project, called “Nascar”, includes in its first phase the configuration study of the plant, the preparation of the technical documentation for the permits and the feasibility analysis. The second and third phases of the agreement will cover FEED (Front-end Engineering Design) and EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) services, respectively. The expected growth in the demand for e-methanol, as an alternative energy resource to non-renewable fuels in the transport sector, will drive the expansion of the plant, which will allow it to reach a production of 300,000 tons per year in 2030. The project has obtained a grant from the IDAE (Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving), within the framework of Plan Pioneros 3, which recognizes its solidity as “real and effective integration of a large-scale electrolyser in the context of a solution industry to test the feasibility of mass production of renewable hydrogen. The promoters of “Nascar”, Diego Clemente, Diego J. García and M. Germán Fuentes, have declared that “the signing of this agreement is another important milestone in the development of the project and shows that we are moving in the right direction to materialize it in the future.” planned schedule.” In turn, Gonzalo Pardo, Director of Business Development of Energy Transition & Power of Técnicas Reunidas, has indicated that “we are delighted to cooperate with CETAER in a project that is a true ‘first of its kind’, and we fully trust our capabilities to make a significant contribution to the energy transition.”


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